Streamlined forms

with innovative tools.

Avoid damaged, misplaced or hard to read paper forms.

Xpressforms® is an application that allows you to collect data quickly and easily, using many of today's mobile devices (tablets, smart phones and more).

Designed to keep information organized and to give maximum efficiency when collecting information, it's structured to clients' requirements, using our form development system.

It also includes advanced features that paper forms can't provide.

Unlimited Accessibility

Access your data through mobile devices and the web. They work seamlessly to co-ordinate your data both in the office and on the go.

Cost Effective

Don't pay for custom devices. Our data solutions work right on your mobile device, on any modern mobile OS.


Keep all your forms together and share it with other applications. Implement features like signature capture, GPS, real-time data and more.

Fully Customizable

Xpressforms® is structured to clients' requirements to meet the specific business needs, using our form development system.

Achieve maximum

efficiency & organization.


Some forms work better with pictures. Attach photos taken on mobile devices right to your forms.

Signature Capture

Many forms require signature verification. This feature will allow you to scan in your handwritten signature or use your mobile device to simply sign the form.

Voice Recording

Attach voice recordings to your forms. This feature works on mobile devices with a default microphone application.


Use this feature to attach your GPS coordinates to the forms you submit. Add in Google Maps to see where your data is being submitted from.


Our tailored forms will also allow you to implement barcodes/RFID. Some scanning devices required for this feature.


With Xpressforms® you can centralize reports. You can also share them with users and other applications.

Real-Time Data

It's important for your data to be up to date. Collect data in real-time with great time and cost saving results. Access all your records at anytime.

Batch Processing

Don't have a steady internet connection? Don't worry. Xpressforms® will store all of your data and send it once your connection is established.


Get notified right away with a direct email or mobile push notification. Never miss a thing again.

Custom Features

Looking for a specific feature? We can customize the solution to fit your business requirements.

Make the transition

seamless and simple

Asset Tracking

Your assets are important. Never lose track of them with asset logging. Update your asset location in real time and always stay in the know.

  • Attach notes and images to quickly view the condition of your assets
  • Keep track of assets in the field with GPS tracking
  • Sync with any systems you already use for assets and inventory
  • Update the status of an asset with one click


We can help you monitor the condition of your assets. Inspection is made easy with digital reports. Link the system to your email, or sync with other existing reporting applications.

  • Include voice notes and images into your reports
  • Keep track of where incidents happed with GPS
  • Store signatures for fast in-field reporting
  • Share reports with users and other systems


Routing is simple with digital mapping. Link up your routing and deliveries with your inventory management system seamlessly.

  • See all planned routes with Google Maps
  • Get updated on delivery status in real time
  • Easily send BOLs and other paperwork upon delivery back to HQ
  • On screen signing makes deliveries easy and paperless

Labour Tracking

Let your employees log their hours with ease. Using a simple sign in, workers can begin their day with one click. Keep your hours updated in real time, and automatically flag working hour violations the moment they happen.

  • Sign in remotely using a mobile app
  • Sign in under specific projects or activities easily
  • Collect labour reports
  • Add notes or other reporting features to a shift

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